[Samba] winbind separator oddity

Barry R Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Mon Oct 12 13:35:58 MDT 2009

Hello All,

Samba 3.024  EL5 install
This will seem like an odd one to all I am sure. I will explain. This
machine is used solely for our school's file server, home folders server.
All aspects works great and have been using Vista clients on it for going
on three years. Vista was a bit of a learning curve at the time getting
all the behind the scene stuff to work.
Problem. Every Monday morning when I get to school I have to ( or have a
helper do it) either comment or uncomment a single line in the 'global'
portion of the smb.conf file in the line that reads,
winbind separator = +
It does not make any difference if the comment is there or not there. I
simple have to change it to the opposite,then save the file,and restart
samba and everything is fine till the next Monday. I notice when this is
failing in the smb.log I get DOMAIN\username instead of just username.  I
can access files fine but when going to save the file is when I get a
popup on the Winders client saying the file can not be saved. As stated
once I uncomment or re-comment the line in front of ,
winbind separator = +    I can then save files fine.
I know this is an older version of Samba but I did upgrade two versions
and still get the same results exactly. I will attach the global portion
of the smb.conf file:


	idmap gid = 10000-20000
	vscan-clamav: config-file = /etc/samba/vscan-clamav.conf
	cups options = raw
	idmap uid = 10000-20000

	local master = yes
	remote announce =
	workgroup = WC235

	debug level = 2
	os level = 65
	security = ads
       winbind separator = +
	max log size = 50
	log file = /var/log/samba/smbd.log
	guest account = nobody
	load printers = yes
	vfs object = vscan-clamav
	wins server =
	logon drive = H:

	domain master = no

	encrypt passwords = yes
	realm = WC235
	template shell = /bin/bash
	netbios aliases = wcfile
	server string = Samba Server wcfile
	password server = *
	template homedir = /home/%U

Sorry for the long post.

Take care,

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