[Samba] Adding a AD Group to a Unix user account

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Sun Oct 11 18:03:02 MDT 2009

> So how do I add the users to the UNIX group from the Active Directory
> server? The AD Server can only see the Windows groups...??

If you want to add a user to a UNIX group then yes you do that on the
local machine, but your original e-mail suggested you wanted to add UNIX
users to AD groups.

> I want to add the Active Directory user bobby to the UNIX group "users"
> how can i do this?

You *may* be able to list YOURDOMAIN\bobby in /etc/group, or you may
have to use Samba's username map to map YOURDOMAIN\bobby to a local
user, then add the local user to the local group.

> Could I add a mapping from the UNIX group to an AD group via Samba?

If it's a UNIX group then it should all be done on the local machine in
the normal manner.  The trick is getting AD objects appearing as local ones.


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