[Samba] share mapping issue related to GID

Ravi Channavajhala ravi.channavajhala at dciera.com
Sat Oct 10 03:42:50 MDT 2009

Reposting this in the hope of someone throwing some hints:

I’ve setup a brand new Samba server – 3.0.33 on RHEL 5.  The access to
shares is a bit erratic, specifically users who belong to a group
which is different from their primary group.  Using LDAP, Kerberos,
AD.  The /etc/nsswitch.conf is set to files ldap.  Not using winbind
at all.

The below two users cant map the shares (GID is not primary GID)

[root at samba]# getent passwd jane
[root at samba]# getent passwd jim

This user can map the share (the GID is the primary GID)

[root at samba]# getent passwd danny

[root at samba]# getent group 3041

[root at samba]# getent group 1108

Also saving the files especially MS-office ones such as xls/doc are
taking really long time > 30-40 seconds.  Appreciate any ideas.



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