[Samba] Samba assignment of privileges

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Fri Oct 9 03:37:51 MDT 2009

Even though Samba doesn't use all of the NT privileges, does it allow assigning them to domain
users or groups?
I.e. this list:
|Group Policy Name                        |Constant Name                    |
|Access this computer from the network    |SeNetworkLogonRight              |
|Access Credential Manager as a trusted   |SeTrustedCredManAccessPrivilege  |
|caller                                   |                                 |
|Act as part of the operating system      |SeTcbPrivilege                   |
|Add workstations to domain               |SeMachineAccountPrivilege        |
|Adjust memory quotas for a process       |SeIncreaseQuotaPrivilege         |
|Allow log on locally                     |SeInteractiveLogonRight          |
|Allow log on through Terminal Services   |SeRemoteInteractiveLogonRight    |
|Back up files and directories            |SeBackupPrivilege                |
|Bypass traverse checking                 |SeChangeNotifyPrivilege          |
|Change the system time                   |SeSystemtimePrivilege            |
|Change the time zone                     |SeTimeZonePrivilege              |
|Create a pagefile                        |SeCreatePagefilePrivilege        |
|Create a token object                    |SeCreateTokenPrivilege           |
|Create global objects                    |SeCreateGlobalPrivilege          |
|Create permanent shared objects          |SeCreatePermanentPrivilege       |
|Create Symbolic Links                    |SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege    |
|Debug programs                           |SeDebugPrivilege                 |
|Deny access to this computer from the    |SeDenyNetworkLogonRight          |
|network                                  |                                 |
|Deny access to this computer from the    |SeDenyBatchLogonRight            |
|network                                  |                                 |
|Deny log on as a service                 |SeDenyServiceLogonRight          |
|Deny log on locally                      |SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight      |
|Deny log on through Terminal Services    |SeDenyRemoteInteractiveLogonRight|
|Enable computer and user accounts to be  |SeEnableDelegationPrivilege      |
|trusted for delegation                   |                                 |
|Force shutdown from a remote system      |SeRemoteShutdownPrivilege        |
|Generate security audits                 |SeAuditPrivilege                 |
|Impersonate a client after authentication|SeImpersonatePrivilege           |
|Increase a process working set           |SeIncreaseWorkingSetPrivilege    |
|Increase scheduling priority             |SeIncreaseBasePriorityPrivilege  |
|Load and unload device drivers           |SeLoadDriverPrivilege            |
|Lock pages in memory                     |SeLockMemoryPrivilege            |
|Log on as a batch job                    |SeBatchLogonRight                |
|Log on as a service                      |SeServiceLogonRight              |
|Manage auditing and security log         |SeSecurityPrivilege              |
|Modify an object label                   |SeRelabelPrivilege               |
|Modify firmware environment values       |SeSystemEnvironmentPrivilege     |
|Perform volume maintenance tasks         |SeManageVolumePrivilege          |
|Profile single process                   |SeProfileSingleProcessPrivilege  |
|Profile system performance               |SeSystemProfilePrivilege         |
|Remove computer from docking station     |SeUndockPrivilege                |
|Replace a process level token            |SeAssignPrimaryTokenPrivilege    |
|Restore files and directories            |SeRestorePrivilege               |
|Shut down the system                     |SeShutdownPrivilege              |
|Synchronize directory service data       |SeSyncAgentPrivilege             |
|Take ownership of files or other objects |SeTakeOwnershipPrivilege         |

When I look at the "net sam rights" command -- I see no way to assign the privilege,
but for Samba to act as a PDC, shouldn't it be able to manage all of the rights/priviledges even
if it doesn't use them itself?

How difficult would it be to manipulate the bits if the actual privs system is already in place?


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