[Samba] Authenticating Samba 3.4.2 vs WinServer 2008R2

Dirk Jakobsmeier dirk.jakobsmeier at wige.com
Thu Oct 8 21:56:51 MDT 2009

Hello Mark,

Am Donnerstag 08 Oktober 2009 16:03:13 schrieb Bober, Mark:
> Hello! I'm having an odd issue between Samba and Win2k8R2. We updated
> one of our domain controllers to 2k8R2, and as such are working in a
> 2003-level AD environment. If I force the 'password server' to the 2003
> DC, then everything works fine, only working against the 2008 box has
> issues.

we have several issues here depending on one of our servers (2008). E.g. 
domainnames (username at domainname) has to be written in capital lettres when 
connecting to shares...

> \\\sharename <file:///\\\sharename>
> And it works as expected - my clients are in the same domain, no
> password is asked for, etc.
> Using any form of the hostname in the URI, either \\hostname\sharename
> <file:///\\hostname\sharename>  or \\hostname.domain.name\sharename
> <file:///\\hostname.domain.name\sharename>  in the URI will continually
> prompt for a password.  Using 'smbclient' with the names in the URI on
> the Samba box itself works fine.

> log level = 1

did you try to set this to a higher level (and restart samba)? I always use 99 
so i get large logfiles with nearly all informations i need. The clientlog 
(log.clienthostname or log.clientip) could be interresting.



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