[Samba] Adding a AD Group to a Unix user account

KJS keith-lists at netzensolutions.com
Wed Oct 7 09:13:49 MDT 2009

So how do I add the users to the UNIX group from the Active Directory 
server? The AD Server can only see the Windows groups...??

I want to add the Active Directory user bobby to the UNIX group "users" 
how can i do this?

Could I add a mapping from the UNIX group to an AD group via Samba?


Adam Nielsen wrote:
>> "usermod -g GID bobby" and it adds the group to the user account fine
>> (GID being the actual number value not the name).
>> but if i don't use -g it fails to work, I want to ADD the group "Domain
>> Users" to "bobbys" account, so I tried:
>> "usermod -a -G GID bobby" but it doesnt not appear to do anything...
> Keep in mind that in AD you don't add groups to users, you add users to
> groups.  So if you want to add some people to the AD group "Domain
> Users" then you need to make the change on the system where "Domain
> Users" is stored, i.e. the Active Directory server.
> You might be able to get around it if you tell Samba/winbind to map an
> AD group to a local group, but I'm not sure how this works with
> membership (whether the local users and the AD users all appear as part
> of the local group.)
> Cheers,
> Adam.

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