[Samba] Active Directory and Samba as fileserver

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 6 20:16:00 MDT 2009

> We have a Gentoo box running Samba and is a member of the Active
> Directory domain. This Gentoo box is going to be a fileserver.  I want
> our users to login to their computer using Active Directory for
> authentication. The computers are all members of the Active Directory
> domain.  I setup Samba to use Winbind. All is working smoothly (ie.
> wbinfo, smbclient, getent, etc....) I can also access the shared drive
> and login to a machine without a problem using Active Directory
> accounts.  The authentication is working as it should.
> For some odd reason, I can't figure out how to give permissions to all
> users the ability to make changes/add new folders on the shared drive. 
> I am getting access denied even when the users or group are valid users
> of the shared drive per smb.conf.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a very similar set up to what I'm running.  You will need to
make sure the files on the shared drive are owned by AD groups that your
users belong to.  You will probably also want to "force create mode =
664" or the like to ensure files are always group-writable, otherwise
people won't be able to edit other people's files in the same group.
Without more information on your specific issue it's difficult to
suggest anything else.


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