[Samba] ldapsam, smbpasswd and posixAccount

Wes Deviers wdevie at hrcsb.org
Tue Oct 6 13:55:54 MDT 2009

On Tuesday 06 October 2009 03:11:29 pm Thorsten Scherf wrote:
> On [Tue, 06.10.2009 12:13], Adam Williams wrote:
> > are you loading samba.schema in your slapd.conf?
> yes. running smbpasswd -a works without any problem when the user
> doesn't already exists with posix-attrs in LDAP.

I'm not sure that there's a mechanism to tell smbpasswd that the LDAP user 
already exists, but without Samba attributes.  Since smbpasswd is probably 
just generating an LDIF and dumping it onto the server instead of using much 
logic, you'll probably either have to do smbpasswd -a first and then write your 
own changeType: MODIFY LDIF for POSIX, or use something (like LAM) that does 


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