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ACLs may be possible.  Do I understand correctly that you only have the one share and you still force the user to be the webserver user?

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Is the use of ACLs a possibility? Iv'e explained to someone yesterday how to use ACLs in Samba with ADS. It works very well for us and we are doing exactly what you want except that we only share out the root (www directory in your instance) and control everything using ACLs.

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Good morning all,

We are moving our web server from novell to unix (solaris) and will be using samba to allow users to edit web pages.  Our samba instance authenticates using ADS and the users do not necessarily have accounts on the server itself.  We are attempting to allow users to map a single samba share but only see the directories they have read access to (see configuration below).  Any suggestions?

We have

/www (main share)

everyone should map to /www

group should see something like


      path = /www
      read only = yes
      browseable = no
      guest ok = no
      write list= @Domain\All_Editors
      public = no
      force user=web
      hide unreadable=yes
      path = /www/dir1
      read only = no
      browseable = no
      guest ok = no
      write list= @Domain\DIR1_Editors
      public = no
      force user=web
      hide unreadable=yes


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