[Samba] Cannot rename subfolders in Explorer view

Nicholas Baldridge nbaldridge at commund.com
Tue Oct 6 08:40:46 MDT 2009

Samba version : 3.3.2

OS : Ubuntu Jaunty - regular packages from distribution

In the version distributed with Intrepid and earlier, users were able to 
rename subfolders in Explorer view (left-hand pane) in Windows (XP).

Permissions on share are set to 777 temporarily - to no effect.

Share definition follows:
    path = /paperless/file_room/
    read only = No
    create mask = 07775 #Set temporarily
    security mask = 07775 # Set temporarily
    directory mask = 07775 # Set temporarily
    directory security mask = 07775 #Set temporarily
    inherit permissions = Yes
    inherit owner = Yes
    guest ok = Yes #Set temporarily
    delete readonly = Yes

I've been playing around with this on and off since Jaunty release - 
manually reverting back to Intrepid packages with each tested Jaunty 
version. Hopefully someone knows what I'm doing wrong!

I can post whatever information is necessary - just let me know what you 

Thank you in advance,

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