[Samba] not permitted to access this share [Solved]

andy.marr at bt.com andy.marr at bt.com
Mon Oct 5 12:42:55 MDT 2009

Turned out to be Require Ntlmv2 and 128Bit encryption was set via Group
Policy Object on the clients.

Once these were turn off the shares could be mounted no problem. 

Not had chance to try Samba 3.4.x , its assumed that 3.0.33 doesn't work
with the client settings mentioned above.

To all who replied.


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 It seems the SMBclient software on the SAMBA server has no issues
mounting a share using ADS for authentication , but the PC Clients in
the AD are unable to mount the share.

Can anyone point in the right direction to look ?

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andy.marr at bt.com kirjoitti:
> Update if anyone's reading.
> I've turn off winbind and removed winbind from nsswitch.conf on the 
> samba server.
> I can now get a connection using smbclient on the samba server - using

> the users AD password.
>  /usr/sfw/bin/smbclient //fgukshppay001/lsww -U admandymarr
> Password:
> Domain=[FIRSTGROUP] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 3.0.33]
> smb: \>
> But I still cannot get a connection via the PC's in the domain.
> P:\>net use *  \\FGUKSHPPAY001\LSWW
> System error 64 has occurred.
> The specified network name is no longer available.

Can you ping FGUKSHPPAY001 from cmd.exe on windows machine ? If not,
maybe it is wins (dns) name resolving issue?

Try using \\full.dns.name\LSWW on windows machine?


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