[Samba] [OT] Ubuntu samba package (was: MDB database corruption)

Francesco Abeni f.abeni at gibilogic.com
Mon Oct 5 05:12:35 MDT 2009

Adam Nielsen ha scritto:
>> Mmh... i'd like to stick with official repository. So you're telling me
>> that Ubuntu Server 8.04 is quite behind in keeping Samba version
>> up-to-date?
> Well according to the Samba website the latest release in the 3.0 series
> is 3.0.37.  But that branch is only being maintained with security
> releases, the current release in the 3.2 branch is 3.2.15.  But even the
> 3.2 branch has now been superseded with 3.4, so yes, 3.0.28a is quite
> old :-)

It's a bit OT, i know, but i'm curious.

Does anybody know why a version marked as LTS (Long Time Support) 
doesn't offer a more recent version of Samba package? Is there any issue 
between Ubuntu and Samba people? Or are there technical problems?


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