[Samba] Logins and Access

Leandro llattan2002 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Oct 1 15:45:17 MDT 2009

If I have 2 domains (netbios) in the same LAN, each PDC with his own WINS (I've 
always got them and I've always set both wins servers in dhcpd) ...
Could it be the problem for slow name resolution ?


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> Eero Volotinen kirjoitti:
>> Leandro kirjoitti:
>>> Our logins and shares access started to be very slow few day ago (PDC). My 
>>> samba server had worked very well for 120 days.
>> Well, sound like netbios (wins) name resolution problem to me.
> Check dns and wins settings and the logs.
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> Eero 

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