[Samba] Linux offline logon

Taylor Lewick tlewick at tradebotsystems.com
Thu Oct 1 12:57:00 MDT 2009

I just tested on Suse 10.2 and Suse 11.0

On Suse 10.2 its not working, but on Suse 11.0 I did get it to work.

On 11.0, I did find notice one thing that was interesting.  Normally, I
can ssh just as username to any server, or su - username.

When testing the offline logon, we shut down the server port on the
switch and then on console tried to su - username and that didn't work.

But then I tried su - DOMAIN\\username and that did work.  After that, I
was able to do su - username or getent passwd username without having to
add the DOMAIN\\, and that was for different usernames, not the one I
originally tried, (so no caching). 

I can understand if its offline having to preference the username with
DOMAIN\\, but then I would have thought you'd have to do that for each
login, not just one time.

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On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 11:01:01AM -0500, Taylor Lewick wrote:
> The machines are SuSe, and to test I tried shutting down the network
> connection at the switch and connected via the console.  Winbind was
> running during this test.  I was unable to su - to a domain account,
> run getent passwd username for a domain account.  It just hung...

Did you set this up using yast ? If not, I'd recommend doing
so. It should "just work" (or did when I was working for Novell).

I'll let the SuSE experts chime in if this isn't working :-).


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