[Samba] Linux offline logon

Taylor Lewick tlewick at tradebotsystems.com
Thu Oct 1 10:01:01 MDT 2009

The machines are SuSe, and to test I tried shutting down the network
connection at the switch and connected via the console.  Winbind was
running during this test.  I was unable to su - to a domain account, or
run getent passwd username for a domain account.  It just hung...

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On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 10:37:08AM -0500, Taylor Lewick wrote:
> So my question is, how can we set it up so that if winbind becomes
> unavailable, or the domain controller is offline, someone can still
> login to the machine using their domain account.

You can't do this if winbindd is unavailable, as it's winbindd
that caches the credentials that allow the offline login.

> I did enable winbind offline logon = yes in smb.conf as well as
> cached_login = yes in /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf and restarted
> and winbind but that didn't seem to help.

This should work (and does on Linux distros). Try
looking at a SuSE configuration (as I *know* it works
on that distro). Probably Guenther and Simo have also
made this work on Red Hat too (but I haven't checked
for a while).


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