[Samba] Computers leaving samba domain

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Thu Oct 1 09:27:12 MDT 2009

Harry Jede wrote:
>> I was looking at the machines info and
>> I checked on about 5 of them.  For some reason it is showing that the
>> sambaPwdLastSet has changed in the last couple of days.  Is this
>> supposed to ever change for machines if you do not remove them from a
>> domain and then add them back in?  I would think it would always stay
>> the same.
> No, Windows machines will change their password on a regulare time
> interval. I do not remember the exact days.
> You must allow them to change the password field an one other. Search
> this list or look into the good samba documentation :-)

That is strange then.  I have software on my XP clients that will not let
anything get changed.  If there are changes made then once you reboot the
computer, it will be back to the way it was when you started.  If the
client is recording this change also then it would not be saved on a

I would think that was the problem, but I have had this software running
for a few years now and I have not had this problem before.

Thanks for the info.

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