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Fri Nov 27 03:00:06 MST 2009

> Last time I saw something like this, it was because the client (Win XP)
> did not have a WINS server set, and couldn’t find the domain.  Can you
> ping the server from the problem client - by IP address and by name?  Is
> its firewall blocking any SMB ports?

ping [serwerip] - works OK.
ping [serverhostname] - works OK.

"ipconfig /all" on workstation displays [domainname] on DNS suffix search
I've modified local DNS server configuration (new zone, new A record) to 
handle "[serverhostname].[domainname]" requests.

ping [serverhostname].[domainname] - works OK.

Still - I can't log in to user account.

Maciej Czub

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