[Samba] Kinit problems with WS2008r2

Mikko Vasili Hirvonen Mikko.V.Hirvonen at helsinki.fi
Thu Nov 26 06:54:50 MST 2009

Hello world,

I have serious problems with samba and WS2008r2 DC using native mode ??. 
I can join the domain and winbind is working well. I have no domain 
administrator rights and machine account was pre-created with modified 
rights documented 

Now I am trying to get ticket with kinit -k
(keytab created with net ads keytab create) with no success.
I get error 'Client not found in Kerberos database while getting initial 
credentials' or ' Key table entry not found while getting initial 
credentials'.  My goal kerberize nfs and cups with

net ads keytab crete nfs ipp

Is there any hope to get it running?

I put my config files and logs with full debug enabled to 

I am using ubuntu 9.10 and default samba 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.1.

root at kakkosmasse:~# net ads testjoin -U masse
Join is OK

masse at kakkosmasse:/$ klist
Ticket cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1030118_LhjGfN3125
Default principal: masse at HYTEST.HELSINKI.FI

Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
11/26/09 10:49:56  11/26/09 20:49:56 
         renew until 11/27/09 10:49:56

masse at kakkosmasse:/$ smbclient -k -L localhost
ads_krb5_mk_req: krb5_get_credentials failed for 
cifs/kakkosmasse at HYTEST.HELSINKI.FI (Server not found in Kerberos database)
cli_session_setup_kerberos: spnego_gen_negTokenTarg failed: Server not 
found in Kerberos database
session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0

Mikko Hirvonen <Mikko.V.Hirvonen at helsinki.fi> HY/Tietos/Verkkopalvelut

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