[Samba] Deletion of directory symlink via Samba deletes files in original subdirectory on Unix

Kathy banshee135 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 10:23:01 MST 2009

My apologies for not getting back to you until now about this.  Was
out due to the holidays.  We are using version 3.2.8 on RHEL 5.2.


>> >What version of Samba ?
>> >
>> >Jeremy
>> This sounds a bit like the problem we (EditShare) discovered and
>> that  you patched a few years ago-- in the 3.0.14 days I think.
>> Remember... We discovered a sort of delayed reaction.  If you
>> deleted a symlink to a file that some other user had open, when both
>> users finally closed the file the FILE would get deleted rather than
>> the SYMLINK.
>> Could it be related?
> Maybe, it could *be* that problem, if the version they're running
> is old enough (which is why I asked :-).
> Jeremy.
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