[Samba] strange issue with xerox printer: unable to configure driver

Ryan Suarez ryan.suarez at sheridanc.on.ca
Mon Nov 30 08:21:47 MST 2009


I'm having the same problem w/ samba v3.3.9 and Xerox 7346 drivers.

When I try to edit default driver properties I get function errors and 
operation could not be completed (screenshots attached).

I'm currently working with Xerox 2nd level engineering on this.  I'll 
let you know if anything comes of it although I'm not feeling 
particularly optimistic.


Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Hello list.
> I've a strange issue with a samba 3.4.3 print server. Everything is 
> fine with most printers, meaning drivers are assigned on server side 
> and automatically distributed to the clients as expected. However, I 
> fail to configure a Xerox document center 7435 the same way.
> When I attempt to assign a driver to the printer, from a windows 
> client with admin privileges,  I get an 'unexpected error occured in 
> the print driver, close this windows and retry' error message, twice. 
> More precisely, I can see initial renaming of the printer according to 
> the driver name, then the error occurs, then the printer get renamed 
> to '' (which is a bit painful :P)
> I previously had a slightly different model (document center pro 
> c2636) which was working fine. The other working printers are not 
> xerox ones.
> The driver is OK: it works fine when accessing the printer directly, 
> and also when used from a windows print server. Also, I tried other 
> variants (such as PCL driver instead of PS one), without success.
> When configuring the same printer from a Windows system, I had to 
> configure it with raw socket connection, because IPP connection didn't 
> allowed me to share it at all, and CIFS connection to the print queue 
> caused me some troubles (the printer didn't appeared in the 'fax and 
> printers list' of the server from remote hosts).
> The underlying printing system, cups, works perfectly. I've tried to 
> switch from IPP to raw socket connection, because of the behaviour 
> changes found with windows server, it didn't change anything.
> I performed a network capture both on server and client side while 
> triggering the error. The result is available as:
> http://www.zarb.org/~guillomovitch/server.pcap
> http://www.zarb.org/~guillomovitch/client.pcap
> I can see some suspicious messages such as:
> WINREG    OpenKey response, Error: WERR_BADFILE
> SPOOLSS    GetPrinterData response, PrintProcCaps_NT EMF 1.008, File 
> not found (pathname error)
> SPOOLSS    SetPrinterDataEx response, Access denied
> But nothing really useful.
> I'm joining my samba configuration file. I'm using mandriva 2009.0 as 
> server, and windows XP enterprise as client.
> Any hint appreciated.

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