[Samba] Disable local login check Winbind

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Mon Nov 30 01:28:50 MST 2009

Hoogstraten, Ton wrote:
> Does anybody know how to disable that the local login and ssh check
> winbind? I'm seeing a delay when trying to login through ssh when
> Winbind is not cached yet. I'm not using Winbind for local logins so I'd
> like to disable it. In the past when Winbind would be having a problem I
> could not logon to the box due to it being checked in the login
> procedure.
Well, look at PAM config in /etc/pam.d/ and remove winbind from sshd...

> Winbind is used for AD intergration, but should not be used or checked
> for allowing users to login locally.
It depends on your needs.

Here we need that users can login with their AD credentials. No shares 
involved (so smbd isn't running, just winbindd).

Too bad I couldn't yet make 'em login by UPN instead of username...

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