[Samba] strange issue with xerox printer: unable to configure driver

Matthias Grimm eisofen at eisofen.de
Fri Nov 27 10:55:21 MST 2009

Am 27.11.2009 18:32, schrieb Guillaume Rousse:
> Hello list.
> I've a strange issue with a samba 3.4.3 print server. Everything is fine
> with most printers, meaning drivers are assigned on server side and
> automatically distributed to the clients as expected. However, I fail to
> configure a Xerox document center 7435 the same way.

Well.. We use only xerox printers in our company and the newer ones 
(Phaser 3600 and up) gave allway headaches to me when samba came into 
play, esp. the large printers like Work Centres 7xxx. No matter what 
I've tried, PS-Driver, Universal Printer Driver, or last option: ignore 
the error message, connect the printer to the admin-PC over the server, 
nothing helped. As last resort I've installed it via tcp/ip-port on the 
workstation from a script and with holp of OPSI.
Finally we moved over to AD because of these problems and a redesign of 
our Network.

Sorry, I think you're out of luck in this case


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