[Samba] NAS on 2 sites connected via slow link

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Fri Nov 27 00:34:53 MST 2009

Koen Linders wrote:

> Is there no other way to mount the drive somehow and still have the clients
> access it over the fast link instead of going over the slow link main site?
> I hoped not having to install another server :)
The NAS ALREADY is another server. If you make clients access it via 
PDC, then it'll become more than TWICE as slow as the link.

> Maybe other solutions. It would be great if users authenticated at the main
> site over the slow link, but still be able to access resources local over
> the fast link.  
It just depends on the NAS capabilities. If it can be joined to the 
domain, then you're set: just oin it and define shares security. 
Kerberos does the rest.

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