[Samba] NAS on 2 sites connected via slow link

Koen Linders koen.linders at koca.be
Thu Nov 26 23:35:38 MST 2009

> Oh, I thought the NAS was in the 192.168.5 network. If it is on the
> same network as the clients, that would be fast.
> In that case, do NOT try to mount the NAS on the PDC. What you'd
> actually accomplish is this:
> Client ------SLOW---------> PDC --------SLOW-----------> NAS
> Instead, do this:
> Client -----FAST----------> NAS
> In other words, have the NAS appear as just another Samba server on the
> same network.
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Is there no other way to mount the drive somehow and still have the clients
access it over the fast link instead of going over the slow link main site?
I hoped not having to install another server :)

Maybe other solutions. It would be great if users authenticated at the main
site over the slow link, but still be able to access resources local over
the fast link.  

Thanks for the fast replies so far!
Koen Linders

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