[Samba] NAS on 2 sites connected via slow link

Diego Zuccato diego.zuccato at unibo.it
Thu Nov 26 01:26:44 MST 2009

Koen Linders wrote:
> I hope I'm clear about what I try to do and what I hope would happen :)
> I thought the data didn't had to be transferred over the link.
Well, data have to be transferred in some way.

What you need is more or less what I was looking for some time ago:  a 
caching fileserver proxy.
But the only thing I've found is an active-active cluster. Too bad it 
requires a shared disk (even if it seems NBD could avoid that). But for 
this you'd need twice the disk (one copy per site, then ust the "diffs" 
travel throught the slow link -- so writing a file is slow, but reading 
it is fast).

Maybe setting up two msdfs shares (is it well supported by Samba?) could 
help. But the two servers have to be kept synchronized "in some way"...

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