[Samba] NAS on 2 sites connected via slow link

Kevin Keane subscription at kkeane.com
Thu Nov 26 00:40:44 MST 2009

Seems like a nightmare in the making... Basically, no matter what you do, the data has to be transferred.

How are users going to access the files on site B? If it is through a Web browser, then a caching proxy in Site A might be your best answer.

Your best option might be to cache the files on Site A, and use rsync to copy them to/from site B. If the NAS doesn't support rsync, look into FTP - it's probably the fastest data transfer protocol around.

Don't use NFS over slow links. It's one of the weaknesses of NFS.

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> Lets say: 2 sites: 2 subnets connected via slow link (1M)
> Site A: Samba 3 PDC
> Site B: NAS for large videofiles
> People will work with/view the files on site B. Data will grow in time.
> I want to mount the NAS on the PDC so I can integrate it in a share on
> site
> A.
> Anyone has good/bad experience with this kind of situation? Maybe a NAS
> system which works without a problem?
> Anything I should check for (NFS support I guess)?
> Greeting,
> Koen Linders
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