[Samba] Windows 7 domain issues

Kevin Keane subscription at kkeane.com
Thu Nov 26 00:34:38 MST 2009

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> The DNS update issue I have resolved by insisting that DHCPD perform
> the update, and ignore the client request. I found that Windows 7 tells
> DHCPD that it will perform the DNS update, and by default, DHCPD will
> then let it. The directive in dhcpd.conf is "deny client-updates".

Yes, I think that is what I remembered so vaguely. In the end, though, I turned off secure DNS updates. I can't remember exactly what the difference was, but there was something that the update by Windows 7 did that DHCP didn't. Might have been setting up the PTR records. I think it did have something to do with IPv6.

> As for the password related issues, I think you might be right, and the
> answer lies in the password strength required.

It is slowly coming back to me; I think it was also related to SMB block signing.

> I too am holding my breath for Samba4. I have been considering
> implementing either Franky, or Samba4 alpha in the role of PDC, and
> using Samba3 to do the file sharing. I'm just a little concerned that
> it might eat my cat.

LOL! I am not so much concerned about that. If I understand it correctly, the main reason Samba4 isn't released yet is security rather than functionality.

I am also concerned about what version of Active Directory it will end up having. It's been close to ten years in the making, and Active Directory is very much a moving target. Microsoft has moved from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 in the meantime. Some applications need the latest AD. For instance, will you be able to install Exchange 2007 on a member server, and will Samba allow the necessary schema updates?

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