[Samba] domain printer issues

Brian May brian at vpac.org
Wed Nov 25 22:15:02 MST 2009


As of today we seem to be having printer issues. As in computers that
were working fine suddenly decided to stop working.

One one computer.  No printers won't work at all. For some printers, if
I remove and reinstall, it complains that there are no printer drivers
on the server (incorrect). When past this stage, none of the printers
work. When I click the print test page button I get an immediate generic
"failure to print" type response.

Just in case I deleted all printers and then deleted all drivers, but it
doesn't seem to have helped.

On another computer all printers work except for one, which produces
the same generic failure message.

On another computer everything works fine. Including deleting printers,
adding printers, etc.

Any ideas?

Samba 3.4.2
Window XP clients


Brian May

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