[Samba] Serious grief with a Samba connection

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 13:21:09 MST 2009

My guess is that they may have required NTLMv2 or something thing 
similar on the Win machines.  If these machines are part of an Active 
Directory domain,  it would be relatively easy for this to be done.


You can use gpedit.msc on XP to check your security settings.

"smbd -v" would tell you the samba version.
"testparm -v | more "  would let you check the various settings.

Are you the sys admin for the solaris box?

On 11/25/09 14:52, Dan White wrote:
> The server is on a Sun box (uname says SunOS 5.8)
> I do not know what version of samba is running
> For the last year and a half, I have made a daily connection from a 
> Windows XP box with the following command:
> new use G: \\server\volume /USER:userid password
> This makes a "G" network drive that serves the purpose.
> About a month ago, network folks upstream from us spewed a bunch of 
> policy updates that caused serious trouble.  The worst being mine.
> Now, if I try the same command on an XP box, the command executes 
> successfully, the G-drive appears and then blinks to say "Disconnected 
> Network Drive"
> Because some of our team use them, I tried from a Windows 2000 box.  
> The same command responds with :
> System Error 1240 has occurred.  The account is not authorized to log 
> in from this station"
> I checked the smb.conf file and found that the samba server is 
> configured for encrypted passwords.  This error makes no sense.
> The local network folks are convinced this is a Unix problem.
> Any clues out there for this clueless one ?

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