[Samba] Vista laptop in Samba 3.3.4 domain suddenly trying to use roaming profiles?

David Whitney soonerdew at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 21:36:58 MST 2009

> Paul, Thank you very much for your information. I, too, had noticed that
> the ProfilePath and CentralPath values could be altered to point to the
> proper local path, and that technique at least fixed the immediate problem.
> Unfortunately, further review of my setup has revealed a very frustrating
> migration issue that I had not yet realized. The issue is very subtle and
> very frustrating, but I believe is at the core of my problem. The problem
> is, actually, multifaceted. Its personally frustrating because I thought I
> had a good understanding of the steps I needed to take to make this
> migration smooth. Not so. I really stumbled on this one. As I looked in the
> ProfileList registry key, I noticed several SID entries, but it wasn't until
> some very late-night thinking that I realized I had a problem - they were
> SID for users from two different domains!! The first domain SID was that of
> my 2.2.8a domain, which I *thought* I had migrated properly to my new 3.3.4
> setup. I thought I had copied the secrets.tdb from the old domain to the new
> one, but something went awry. Fetching the domain SID from the server
> revealed the fact that the new SID differed from the previous SID. *That*
> bit of research led me to still another problem... I built my new Samba
> 3.3.4 domain off a fresh install of Slackware 13.0. Slack includes Samba,
> but I thought during the install I had told the setup *not* to include
> Samba, because I knew had to download and install 3.3.4 in the hopes of
> supporting Windows 7 clients in my domain. Unfortunately, I apparently did
> *not* exclude Samba, because I discovered that the stock Samba install for
> Slackware was very much present in /usr/bin, but the standard configure
> script for Samba placed it in /usr/local/samba. I had copied my secrets.tdb
> to the wrong location. I copied my passwd and smbpasswd files correctly (I
> specified the location of the latter in smb.conf), so Samba could
> *authenticate* my users, but they all had SID's relative to what ended up as
> the *new* Samba domain on the new box - NOT my "migrated" domain. Add to
> that the fact that I did *not* read that I should maintain the hostname to
> the new, migrated server until *after* I had finished the install, and you
> have a tour-de-force of a screwed up install. This laptop that was giving me
> trouble was earlier giving me troubles about "trust relationship" having
> failed, which I thought was due to a lack of synchronization between my PDC
> and the laptop due to the laptop not having been used in about a week. I
> ended up removing and readding that machine to the domain, and now all its
> user SID's are based on the "new" domain. Now that I realize what's
> happened, in order to preserve the other five boxes on my domain, I may have
> to rewrite the domain SID to that of the original (which should have
> happened in the first place), and re-migrate the profiles on this one
> laptop. Argh. Oh, well, I do this for self-education as much as anything, so
> perhaps I've learned something in the process :(
> -David

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