[Samba] Replacing a file turns off group and world read permissions

Roger Lainson roger at sdr.com.au
Tue Nov 17 21:07:54 MST 2009

I'm running  Samba 3.32 on UbuntuServer 9.04 with both Ubuntu and 
Windows clients as guests. For some common shares I have create mask = 
777 and force create mode = 777.

This works fine except that when I *replace* a file on this share by 
certain methods on an Ubuntu client, the permissions get set to 733 
(-rwx-wx-wx), so the file is then unreadable (and undelete-able) by a 
guest. The problematical methods are dragging a repeat of the same file 
into Nautilus file browser, or performing a repeat save as from Evince 
DocViewer, (which means it's a particular nuisance with PDF files), but 
not saving from other apps as far as I can see. There's no problem with 
Windows clients.

The samba log shows that in these cases the file is opened with read=No 
write=Yes, then opened again with read=Yes write=Yes, then closed and 
opened and closed several more times, and finally closed for the first 
open, which I guess leaves the read=No write=Yes. Can I override this 
behaviour in any way? Or should I just tell users never to replace a PDF!?

Thanks, Roger L.

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