[Samba] Editing Word documents in a share from windows and Linux

Eduardo Sotomayor easgs at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 17 09:25:17 MST 2009

I have a problem editing files in a samba share, this share is accessed from a Windows xp and a Linux client, when I open a Word Document from windows there is no problem, but when I try to edit the same file from the linux pc with writer, it opens a new file, not the file I want to edit, I have checked the file permissions from the linux client and all the fields are blank, but if I copy the file to the local drive I can edit it, this is a openSUSE 11.2 box.

This is how I created the folder containing the files in the Linux server (openSUSE 11.2), this server is setup as a PDC using LDAP as backend

mkdir /datos

chmod 2775 /datos

This is the share in the smb.conf

    path = /home/easgs/archivos
    comment = datos varios
    guest ok = No
    inherit acls = Yes
    valid users = @ntusers
    write list = @ntusers
    force create mode = 0660
    force directory mode = 0770
    force group = ntusers

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