[Samba] delay on directory browse

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Tue Nov 17 04:29:01 MST 2009

On 11/17/2009, Brian (bbayorgeon at charter.net) wrote:
> Good question, I'm not sure where it originates, but I recall seeing
> the recommendation someplace (some faq, howto, etc) to set SO_RCVBUF
> and SO_SNDBUF to just those values to IMPROVE performance.

Blindly following 'some [vague] faq, howto, etc'. is unwise. Following
the official documentation is the preferred method.

> Based on your comments Volker I'm guessing that recommendation is
> either invalid or outdated.

Outdated for many years (since the 2.6 kernel, if not earlier)...

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