[Samba] Wins, browsing, browse.dat and wins.dat

ZeWaren / Erwan Martin main at zewaren.net
Mon Nov 16 10:14:17 MST 2009

I had the same problem. To get the computers from a subnet to show in 
browse.dat, you must have a samba configured as local master in that 
subnet, so that it manages and relays to the domain master the list of 
computers of the subnet.
If you are in workgroup and not in a domain, the windows computers won't 
synchronize their lists by themselves.

And since I couldn't have samba installed in all my subnets, I had to 
manually synchronize browse.dat with wins.dat (It's a bit ugly but it 
works fine).


Eric PEYREMORTE wrote:
> Yes, it has been configured via dhcp, and ipconfig shows primary wins 
> server :
> Why browse.dat doesn't load values from wins ? In my case it seems to 
> do some broadcast for discovery. I thought the nmbd would get values 
> from the wins for the network browsing.
> Eric
> John H Terpstra a écrit :
>> On 11/16/2009 08:21 AM, Eric PEYREMORTE wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have troubles understanding wins and network browsing functionnality.
>>> I have a samba server(pdc) on a different subnet than my clients.
>>> The server smb.conf has wins support = Yes, the client are configured
>>> to use the wins server.
>>> In the wins.dat, i can see all the computers.
>>> In the browse.dat i have only computers/servers that are in the same
>>> subnet.
>>> When i try to browse the network via "network neighborbood" i only see
>>> the computers that are in the same subnet ( the same that are in the
>>> browse.dat )
>>> I've read the howto about wins, but can't understand how my computers
>>> can be visible in the network neighborhood... I thought that setting a
>>> wins server would be the solution but i think i'm wrong.
>>> Could someone helped me ?
>>> ( I googled all the day for that ...)
>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric
>> Have you configured ALL you MS Windows clients TCP/IP settings to use
>> the Samba WINS server?
>> The Samba3-HOWTO has a fairly detailed chapter on network browsing. 
>> What part of it does not make sense?
>> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/Samba3-HOWTO.pdf
>> - John T.

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