[Samba] Wins, browsing, browse.dat and wins.dat

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Mon Nov 16 07:54:06 MST 2009

On 11/16/2009 08:21 AM, Eric PEYREMORTE wrote:
> Hi,
> I have troubles understanding wins and network browsing functionnality.
> I have a samba server(pdc) on a different subnet than my clients.
> The server smb.conf has wins support = Yes, the client are configured
> to use the wins server.
> In the wins.dat, i can see all the computers.
> In the browse.dat i have only computers/servers that are in the same
> subnet.
> When i try to browse the network via "network neighborbood" i only see
> the computers that are in the same subnet ( the same that are in the
> browse.dat )
> I've read the howto about wins, but can't understand how my computers
> can be visible in the network neighborhood... I thought that setting a
> wins server would be the solution but i think i'm wrong.
> Could someone helped me ?
> ( I googled all the day for that ...)
> Thanks,
> Eric

Have you configured ALL you MS Windows clients TCP/IP settings to use
the Samba WINS server?

The Samba3-HOWTO has a fairly detailed chapter on network browsing. 
What part of it does not make sense?

- John T.

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