[Samba] adduser is contacting the AD server?

RobertoBouza at bayviewassetmanagement.com RobertoBouza at bayviewassetmanagement.com
Wed Nov 11 15:38:38 MST 2009


I'm just wondering if someone stumble upon this. We are trying to create a 
local account but it looks like the adduser script is contacting the AD 
server for some reason and saying that the user "already exists" when it 
doesn't locally.

Is there a way to disable adduser to contact AD or something similar?

Thank you.

[root at server01~]# adduser user01
adduser: user user01 exists
[root at server01 ~]# 

user01 exists on AD but not on the local machine. I try removing winbind 
from the nsswitch.conf but that locks me out.

Roberto Bouza

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