[Samba] high memory utilzation

Ramesh cfmx07 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 11 13:53:27 MST 2009

I have a server running samba process and there
are about 70 samba users connected at a time. The system has 4Gb of
memory and it seems each samba process is utilizing only 3352Kb of

When I run the command

pmap -d (pid of samba)

It gives as:

b7ffa000       4 rw-s- 0000000000000000 0fd:00003 messages.tdb

bfe46000    1768 rw--- 00000000bfe46000 000:00000   [ stack ]

ffffe000       4 r-x-- 0000000000000000 000:00000   [ anon ]

mapped: 33384K    writeable/private: 3352K    shared: 20504K

But when I run the top command, it results as below:

Tasks: 163 total,   1 running, 162 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie

Cpu(s):  0.9% us,  4.9% sy,  0.0% ni, 93.3% id,  0.8% wa,  0.2% hi,  0.0% si

Mem:   3895444k total,  3163192k used,   732252k free,   352344k buffers

Swap:  2097144k total,      208k used,  2096936k free,  2487636k cached

Why could the system be utilizing such high memory ? Any ideas ??

By the way, the server is not running other processes..

The samba version running in it is 3.0.33-0.17

I am confused what could be going wrong....


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