[Samba] support for new zfs user/group quotas

Tom Lieuallen toml at engr.orst.edu
Wed Nov 11 11:36:39 MST 2009

Are there plans for supporting the user and group quotas that Solaris 
ZFS now supports as of Solaris 10 11/09?

I'm testing with samba 3.3.7, compiled with '--with-quotas' that works 
with UFS quotas.  Windows clients see the overall ZFS file system usage 
and capacity, not the user's personal usage and space.  One can use 
'quota -v' to check a user's zfs quota; the same command one uses for 
UFS quotas.  I highly suspect they just changed the quota command to 
support both and similar changes would be necessary to the quota support 
in samba.

I also tried using the 'get quota command', but it's not working for me. 
  I wonder if it's because samba was compiled with '--with-quotas'.

Any ideas?

thank you

Tom Lieuallen
Oregon State University

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