[Samba] idmap_rid/idmap_hash collisions?

Gerald Carter jerry at plainjoe.org
Wed Nov 11 08:52:30 MST 2009

Robert LeBlanc wrote:

>> There's a slide or two outlining the algorithm in this slide deck
>> from LInuxWorld SF '08
>> <http://archives.likewiseopen.org/%7Egcarter/presentations/likewise_open_first_class_citizen_lwsf08.pdf>
> How does this compare with idmap hash? 

It's the same thing algorithm.  I wrote the original Samba & Likewise
SID hashing code.

> Does it suffer from the same collision problem as rid?

idmap_rid doesn't have a collision problem that I'm aware of
as long as you set it up properly.  Did I misunderstand something?

> Our AD will have a couple of hundred thousand objects in 
> the not too near future.

Depending on account turnover and number of trusted domains,
I think you should be fine with idmap_hash.  But if you only
have a single domain, then idmap_rid is equivalent I think.

cheers, jerry

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