[Samba] Pdbedit <-> /etc/passwd sync?

extmaillist at linuxbox.cz extmaillist at linuxbox.cz
Tue Nov 10 07:01:19 MST 2009


i have a question about syncing without pdbedit (exactly iformations 
stored in passdb.tdb) and /etc/passwd.

I creating user with some comment, for example

adduser test -c "my comment" -d /home/users/test -g 600 -s /bin/false

and then i will add this user to samba

pdbedit -a -s /etc/samba/smb.conf -u test

Now i have stored in samba also comment "my comment", but why? Pdbedit can 
load this comment from /etc/passwd and save to passdb.tdb? Can I 
change this behaviour? I dont want storing this infomations duplicated 
(in /etc/passwd and also in /passdb.tdb).

If i modifying existing user and i changed comment in /etc/passwd, then 
comment in passdb.tdb remain a same. It's possible load comment from 
/etc/passwd to passdb.tdb "on the fly", it means without permanent storing 
in passdb.tdb

I have in smb.conf this setting:

unix password sync = yes

but i think that this parameter dont have effect for this behavior.

thanks, Lukas


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