[Samba] Desiring to set up Windows Vista and Linux Fedora Core 4

Eero Volotinen eero.volotinen at iki.fi
Sat Nov 7 01:02:33 MST 2009

>      I don't think I'm communicating at all between the Windows Vista system
> and the Linux system.
>      I think I need to set up something in my Advanced portion of my D-Link
> router.
>      For example, I have a GadSpot DVR set up, with the two ports mapped.  For
> example, one port is 8080, so I have:
> <<>>
> Public/private 8080 Schedule Always.
> <<>>
>      (I have the other port on another line with an address of,
> which is the address of the DVR.)

Port 135/TCP - used by smbd
Port 137/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 138/UDP - used by nmbd
Port 139/TCP - used by smbd
Port 445/TCP - used by smbd

Do you really need to put samba and windows machine on different ip range?


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