[Samba] Error connecting WinXP client to Samba PDC: DNS name does not exist / RCODE_NAME_ERROR

Christian Geiger c.geiger at lohrmann.de
Fri Nov 6 07:48:40 MST 2009

Sorry - it seems I could use a break. I made an (embarrassing) mistake 
capturing the network traffic: in fact, the samba server DOES answer the 
request. The following response comes back:

4	0.001857	SMB_NETLOGON	SAM Response - 
user unknown

However, Windows does not ask for a user to login. Trying to join the 
domain using the netdom command from the Windows Support Tools supplying 
a user and password for the Domain (netdom join emco-test 
/Domain:lohrmann /UserD user /PasswordD password) doesn't work either.

I'm really stuck - can someone please help me?

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