[Samba] samba and ads authentication

Tom Montague tom.montague at thegriffingroup.com.au
Wed Nov 4 21:15:18 MST 2009

I am looking at setting up ADS authentication for my current samba
configuration. I am quite wary of making big changes that I do not
understand as there are shares currently setup and I do not want to lose


I have read through the "how to's" and I am at the point where I want to
"Create the computer account" and running the command :-

            Net ads join -U administrator%password


I am getting the error "ADS support not compiled in"


The fix for this says...


Samba must be reconfigured (remove config.cache) and recompile (make
clean all install) after the Kerberos libraries and headers files are



How do I reconfigure samba? I have inherited this samba configuration
and I am not sure how/what was configured originally and I do not want
to lose the current configuration..


Can someone help me with this recompile command and what entries I
should add. I have some details below of the current configuration...


Samba version 3.0.23c


I found the following details in the config.log


configure:34026: result: no

configure:34038: checking whether to use smbwrapper

configure:34085: result: no

configure:34093: checking whether to use AFS clear-text auth

configure:34111: result: no

configure:34119: checking whether to use AFS fake-kaserver

configure:34137: result: no

configure:34339: checking whether to use AFS fake-kaserver

configure:34357: result: no

configure:34376: checking whether to use DFS clear-text auth

configure:34398: result: no

configure:34407: checking for LDAP support

configure:34421: result: no

configure:35119: checking for Active Directory and krb5 support

configure:35133: result: auto

configure:35146: WARNING: Disabling Active Directory support (requires
LDAP support)


smbd -b | grep LDAP   (no output)

smbd -b | grep KRB     (no output)                                   

smbd -b | grep ADS     (no output)

smbd -b | grep WINBIND






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