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	You'll need to install the correct CUPS drivers for each printer. If
the printers support Postscript, you might be able to get away with
the generic Postscript driver and then just download the PPDs from the
Windows server.  You'd probably do better asking on the CUPS list,
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On Wed 04/11/09  3:14 PM , "Jeremy R."  wrote:Hello:
 I have a few Mac and Linux systems which use CUPS for their printing
 subsystem. I need to print to some printers via a Windows server  
 (which serves them over SMB). I do not have administrative access to
 the Windows server.
 Is there a way to have CUPS/Samba choose the correct printing
 or at least use some "sensible default" that will work with most  
 printers? The printers are a variety of models and makes, and  
 maintaining a list of drivers for each printer is not practical.  
 Windows clients seem to be able to choose a good driver without user
 intervention, so I don't see why Samba wouldn't allow me to do the  
 same on a CUPS system.
 To clarify, I know that I can add a SMB printer using the smb://  
 network protocol; I just don't know how to have it choose the
 (On another note, is it possible to add a printer from the command- 
 line that requires domain authentication without providing the  
 password in the command, which is visible in the process list? If I 

 could provide it over stdin or something similar, that would be  
 Jeremy R.
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