[Samba] need help on daylight saving time issue.

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Nov 4 18:54:42 MST 2009

> On AIX server, I get the following two files's modified time via command istat. 
> /zytest/file1     (Modified time:    Fri Sep 18 12:07:37 EST 2009)
> /zytest/file1     (Modified time:    Sun Nov  1 13:42:16 EDT 2009)

Note that file1 is in the EST timezone (GMT+10) and the second file1
(file2?) is in the EDT timezone (GMT+11 during daylight saving.)

> For file1, there is a 1 hour discrepancy on modified time shown on AIX server and samba client.

Not if you take into account the different timezones.

> The file1 was modified before the daylight saving date began, while the file2 was modified after daylight saving date began.
> The AIX timezone environment variable TZ is EET-10EETDT,M10.1.0/02:00,M4.1.0/03:00, which is correct.

Evidently your filesystem also stores the timezone, which is why the two
 files have different timezones on them.  It would seem that the current
behaviour is correct - file1, although modified before daylight saving
started, is being reported as though daylight saving was in effect at
the time.


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