[Samba] Accessing Windows file-system from Linux samba server

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed Nov 4 18:33:58 MST 2009

> I can browse in one share, but not the other,
> although as far as I can see everything about them is identical,
> except that they are on different drives:

There must be some difference, otherwise it would work.

> [root at helen ~]# mount -t cifs -o user=tim,password=****,rw  //harriet/EAGC 
> /mnt/win
> mount error 13 = Permission denied

Assuming the username and password are correct, the user you are
connecting as must not have access to this share.  IIRC you need to
grant a user access to both the share and (as you're probably using
NTFS) the folder/filesystem itself.

You could try connecting with smbclient instead, as it will probably
give you slightly more useful information.


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