[Samba] Print Driver Detection

Jeremy R. jeremy at novawave.net
Wed Nov 4 13:14:13 MST 2009


I have a few Mac and Linux systems which use CUPS for their printing  
subsystem. I need to print to some printers via a Windows server  
(which serves them over SMB). I do not have administrative access to  
the Windows server.

Is there a way to have CUPS/Samba choose the correct printing driver,  
or at least use some "sensible default" that will work with most  
printers? The printers are a variety of models and makes, and  
maintaining a list of drivers for each printer is not practical.  
Windows clients seem to be able to choose a good driver without user  
intervention, so I don't see why Samba wouldn't allow me to do the  
same on a CUPS system.

To clarify, I know that I can add a SMB printer using the smb://  
network protocol; I just don't know how to have it choose the correct  

(On another note, is it possible to add a printer from the command- 
line that requires domain authentication without providing the  
password in the command, which is visible in the process list? If I  
could provide it over stdin or something similar, that would be  

Jeremy R.
NovaWave Solutions

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