[Samba] Can't add windows printer drivers from windows

rtkluttz at ngkceramics.com rtkluttz at ngkceramics.com
Wed Nov 4 08:33:31 MST 2009

I am having trouble adding windows printer drivers to samba server. I am 
trying to configure a stand alone samba print server on Ubuntu karmic 64 
bit server.

I have cups working and have added a few printers. I can see the printers 
in samba and I can print to them if I add the print drivers manually, but 
I want my clients to just be able to add the printer and have the drivers 
come down automagically the same way it happens with a windows print 
server that I am replacing. My problem is that when I connect to the samba 
server from windows and right click the printer and go to the advanced 
screen to press the add driver button, the whole screen is greyed out.

One more thing I have tested. I have even connected to 
\\sambaserver\print$ and verified that I have write access to the folder. 
So I am not sure why the advanced screen windows with the add driver 
button is all greyed out.
My print$ section looks like this
   comment = Printer Drivers
   path = /var/lib/samba/printers
   browseable = yes
   read only = yes
   guest ok = yes
   use client driver = yes
   admin users = root
   write list = root

The above is the configuration that I will likely use when the drivers are 
locked down AFTER I finally get them installed because the above print$ 
section does not allow changes to the drivers folder.

The below variations to the print$ have been verified to allow me write 
access to print$ but even with these in place the greyed out screen 
remains in windows where I would add printer driver.
   read only = no
   force user = root
   force group = root

I want the print server to accept print jobs with no authentication ever. 
I plan on adding print drivers to print$ then removing write access once 
all the drivers are added. This server ONLY hosts printers... no files so 
the lax security config should be fine... especially after the write 
capability is removed from print$.


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