[Samba] Accessing Windows file-system from Linux samba server

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Nov 3 20:38:04 MST 2009

> [tim at helen samba]$ sudo mount -t cifs harriet:C /mnt/win

Since you're not specifying a username or password, you're connecting as
a Guest user.

> [tim at helen Documents and Settings]$ ls tim
> ls: reading directory tim: Permission denied

Obviously Guest isn't Tim :-)

> [tim at helen Documents and Settings]$ ls Default\ User/
> Application Data  Desktop    Local Settings  NetHood     NTUSER.DAT.LOG  
> Recent  Start Menu
> Cookies           Favorites  My Documents    NTUSER.DAT  PrintHood       
> SendTo  Templates

But Guest will need to know what the system defaults are.

> What do changes do I have to make to enter "tim"s folder;
> and why amd I able to enter "Default User".
> Any help or enlightenment gratefully received.

When you mount the share, specify a Windows username to connect as
(mount ... -o username=tim)


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