[Samba] ldap passwd sync old password

Volker Jordan jordan at ffm-one.com
Tue Nov 3 01:44:34 MST 2009


I want, that the unix password ( stored on LDAP ) gets changed when a
user changes his samba password ( stored on LDAP ).
So I set ldap passwd sync = yes, but the unix password does not get
changed. The samba password is updated.

Smbpasswd shows this error

machine rejected the (anonymous) password change: Error was :
Wrong Password.
Failed to change password for user1.

After looked at all samba logs, but nothing told me whats wrong. 
Finally I looked at the error log of the LDAP server and here is the

Password change not allowed. Old password value must be supplied.

So how can I fix this?

Samba 3.0.28 / Solaris 10 / Sun Java Directory Server


Volker Jordan

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